Any guide on converting the Mini Tool Head V2 to V2.1?

From the pictures it looks like the changes are the bigger idler arm and a bigger fan on the heat insulator.
I’m not sure which parts of the CAD files to print out but I have not looked that deep into it.

I have questions:
Are there other differences between V2 and V2.1?
Does anyone have some before and after print comparisons?
Is it worth the trouble to upgrade or are there some things worth doing while others not?

Thanks for any info.

I don’t have any input on this, but I’d be super interested to hear if anyone else does.

Here are the two assembly guides that show the step by step installation process for each.You’ll likely end up with sort of a hybrid of the Mini 1.04 depending on your connector pinout, but you aren’t adding any new pins so everything should still line up.
2.1 toolhead assembly

2.0 assembly

you will need:
Beefy Extruder Idler
Beefy idler latch
extruder mount 2.11
heatsink fan mount
and maybe
Extruder fan mount (it looks the same, but i can’t tell if its the same angle on the back. )

you will also need to source the new fan (preferably with pins pre-crimped) a handful of M3 Heat set inserts (mcmaster carr has them in bulk, or you can get from lulzbot or I believe) The only tricky part of the whole process is extracting the old fan pins. Make sure you have a very small pointed object to get teh pins out eithout breaking the connection block. I tend to use an xacto knife for that, but you have to be careful not to cut something important.

I would rate the swap out as “moderate " difficulty. if you can use a soldering iron to insert heat set inserts and if you can crimp a pin, you will have no problems. When you go to do the swap, leave a 4” long section of fillament in the hotend. You can then use that to re-allign everything when you are finished.