Mini 1 to Mini 2 tool head mounting conversion

I am looking into what it will take to be able to use the new (i.e. Mini 2) tool head mounting system on my Mini 1 with the v2.1 tool head that I currently have. I want to do this because I am in the process of developing some tool heads for non 3D printing uses of the Mini and would like to take advantage of the new mounting system as it looks much easier to swap tool heads.

I understand that this involve printing and installing the new x carriage and likely modifying the extruder holder for the v2.1 tool head, but I can’t tell if there are any physical constraints in the Mini 1 that would prevent this. Since the build area of the Mini 2 is larger, I’m worried that it might mess with homing or something.

I am not looking at doing anything with the electronics or the z axis or anything like that. I don’t plan on purchasing a micro extruder (or any future Mini 2 exclusive extruders) until I actually get a Mini 2 (which isn’t feasible at this time) so I am only concerned about the physical connection of the tool heads to the carriage.

I plan to update this thread if I go ahead with this conversion.


This may help you on your journey:

We also have the latest versions of Cura LE that contain firmware and profiles for the Mini 1, TAZ 5, and TAZ 6 using this new generation of tool heads. We hope this helps!