Lulzbot parts

I purchased my Mini used and it came with some extra parts, two printheads. One looks to be exactly the same as the one on the printer and has the same marked nozzle 5.
The other is different as can be seen in the picture. I’m wondering if the components can be used on the mini. Neither have any ID.

Having a heck of a time getting the pics to display. Sorry

Here is the other one:

the one with the green herringbone gear looks just like my flexible extruder from Lulzbot. Even though it was mounted together with my Flexy Dually.
I don’t know if green is the new norm or if they just use green for their flexy extruders though.

Thanks. The print head on it when I got the printer has what looks to be the exact same thing as the one with the yellow/green gear. Both have 0.5mm nozzles.

Hmmm… the one at the top (the first pair of photos) looks to be a standard older-style mini tool head (not the flexistruder). There are several easy-to-do enhancements to make that a better tool head (better heat-sink fan, and beefier idler and latch) - but other than being older, it looks fine.

The last one is almost certainly a standard TAZ-5 or older toolhead. It’s the hexagon hot-end (same as the mini), but the mounting is TAZ, and it seems to have the dual connectors, which I think is TAZ-5 or perhaps earlier – I’m not completely up on the pre-TAZ6 tool heads, but it’s newer than the ancient buddhashnozzle, and older than the current V2 tool head. That one won’t fit the mini, but many of the parts will work.

Thanks, I was hoping to find out that at least some of the parts are useable on my Mini. It’s funny because along with the 2 print heads was a box that said flexistruder. I guess it was just an orphan box haha
I’m thinking that as long as the heater and thermistor both have continuity, and the motors run,there is not a lot to go wrong with these parts.
Am I wrong?