Any thoughts on where to sell a used TAZ 5?

Well, I thought I was prepared for the steep learning curve, but I really should have taken into consideration my limited attention span, lack of patience, and busy work schedule before diving into the deep end of 3D printing. I now realize that the ability to upgrade to bigger and better projects isn’t worth much if you can’t consistently print an octopus!

I’m ready to admit that I was wrong (There’s a first time for everything.) and cut my losses, but I’m not sure how to sell this thing. We have a small local makers group, but they’re so smart, they build their own 3D printers. I definitely don’t want to try to ship the printer and even just transporting it locally is kind of an issue because it’s not like I can set it up in 10 minutes and show someone that it’s working.

Any thoughts?

Not wanting to ship it is going to thin your potential market, which means you’ll get less for it than you might otherwise. I’d try craigslist first, definitly taking care when setting up a purchase meeting so its not at your house, is at a well populated well lit location, and make sure you agree on a firm price ahead of time, etc. You will be doing very well if you can get $1500 for it (a refurbished unit from with a 30 day warranty is $1700 for comparison ) and should be able to sell it very quickly around the $1200 range locally.

Depending on what your tax situation looks like, you might also consider donating it to a local school for a tax writeoff of the full retail value.

Another option would be to post it for local sale here or over in the reddit 3d printer forums

Why not fill out your profile to indicate where you are from? maybe you’ll get lucky, and someone on here lives nearby and is interested.

Yikes. Thanks for letting me know. I was kind of hoping to get $1700. Now I wish I had known about the refurbished ones before I purchased mine. If I can’t sell it, I will look into donating. I think it actually would have made a big difference on 2015 taxes… Not so much this year, but such is life. I might still feel better about my failed experiment.

I also updated my profile with my location (East Peoria, IL).