Any way to speed it up?

Anyone have any tips on how to speed up printing?

Is it worth playing with the Print Speed, Travel Speed, Bottom Layer Speed, Infill Speed, Top/Bottom Speed, Outer Shell Speed, or Inner Shell Speed? Any one of these more helpful than others?

Are the Cura defaults already pushing the limit? Or does it pay to tweak?

Sure. Tweak away. Its just your tolerance for sacrificing integrity, detail and accuracy of the part.

Print speed usually affect detail and accuracy. Perimeter and top/bottom layers will affect strength of part. Infill affects weight.

Increasing layer height usually has the greatest effect on print duration. A thicker layer will print faster, with less detail than a thinner layer.

Try keeping the outside perimeter speed to 42-50mm/s for a good finish.

Hope that helps.

If you’re printing mechanical parts, try going to a bigger nozzle. The jump from .35 with a .2 layer height to a .5 nozzle with .3 layer height seriously lowered print time.