min print speed


When I need a really fine print so with 0.1mm layer height and as much detail as possible what is the speed I should run the print at? What are your experiences? 16mm/s or less?


It depends on your material. In my experience, there is not too much difference between slow (~30mm/s) and really slow (~16mm/s) for ABS or PLA on a well-calibrated machine. If you are working with a high-temp material like nylon and you have a small melt zone, running slow can ensure that the plastic spends enough time in the melt zone to fully melt. If your machine is super wobbly (read: not a lulzbot or similar) then running slow can make a difference in positioning capability, which affects quality. Keep in mind that there is a trade off between interlayer adhesion and dimensional stability. Print too fast and the layers won’t cool enough to keep their shape. Print too slow and the layers won’t stick as well to eachother.