The Need for Speed!

Hi everyone,

I was curious what speed settings folks tend to go with and still have pretty good results using PLA? I feel mine might be going a bit slow with the settings I have and figured once I start dialing in the settings with my filament and flow once my calipers arrive Wednesday I might be able to go faster. For reference I generally print at .2 layer with PLA which i think is generally considered medium quality. Also when tweaking the speed what are the settings other then the obvious mm per second (which I think is set to 50 right now) one would want to tweak. Curious for any sage advice in tweaking the speed up some safely.

I’m bumping my need for speed post. I have noticed through trial and error that, in Cura at least, it doesnt seem like adjusting the base speed down or up from 50 seems to do much. I know there are more advanced settings for like Travel Speed and what not. My question is, are those what is keeping from seeing significant slow downs or speedups when I adjust the speed?

If I want to reduce speed by say 50% for a small part would I need to adjust the main speed setting to 25 and then do some math on the other speed settings and match those to a 50% less as well for consistency or is there like a more advanced equation there? I ended up “adjustung myself into oblivion” with the settings when I first got started. I have since found what to adjust safely from the defaults and get nice results but speed settings and making the machine go faster or slower without impacting quality continues to be a mystery to me.

Anyone have any insights or settings/profiles they want to share (preferably for HIPS or ABS) as study samples?

I have owned a Mini and now the TAZ 5, just used the default settings in Cura in both.

I own three Mini’s, and I typically run them in excess of 50mm/s. Cura gives you a lot of control as to what portions it prints at what speeds. With infill, I almost always choose 85-100 mm/s with great results. I use the slowest speeds (typically under 45 mm/s) for the bottom layer because it is the most important for overall successful prints, and the outer wall because it looks better!