Anyone Looking for a Taz 5

I have a Taz 5 that I purchased new a few months back. I used it for one project with a buyer with a potential of more samples. But the buyer decided to just create the product and I haven’t had any luck sourcing new work. The machine has roughly 12 hrs of printing on it. Has been converted to 1.75 filament. If anyone is looking for a deal on a Taz 5 please pm me.

Finally took some pictures tonight. Looking for 1850 shipped.

New price 1775 shipped

Any other people interested besides the people that pm’d me already? I’m considering all offers.

New price 1725 shipped.

New price 1675 shipped.

Me one last time. I do need to part with this and it is in excellent working condition. I have to pay some bills and could use the money more than this sitting on my bench. New price 1650.00 shipped.