Anyone looking to buy a Taz 5?

Well I’m thinning my fleet of printers to afford to put a new heater in my house. Unfortunately the last couple I sold I didn’t get enough to cover what I need to pay for the heater. So now up for sale is my last 3d printer.

Near new Lulzbot Taz 5 with only 30 hours of print time. It has been modified to run 1.75 filament. Includes all the tools, manual, and original box plus any rolls of 1.75 filament I have left . If your interested send me a pm. I have loads of feedback on rcgroups, helifreak, rc.runryder under user name jprochnow. Plus tons of feedback on ebay under eightball_golf.

If you run the taz constantly it would work as a heater!

Yeah that would work but only for a small area. I think I need something that’s bigger.

Do you have the stuff to switch it back to 3 mm filament? I see your sold your Mini and your Makergear M2 also?
I found your listing on eBay and considering. Looks pretty nice.

Sold to wmgeorge64. It will be on the way to its new home tomorrow.