AO-101 Controller Fan

Hey guys - anyone know if there’s a way to quiet the fan on this thing? I’m getting tinnitus sitting next to it.



Here is a mod for a larger & quieter fan:

Thanks - that’s a mod I can use!

This was one of the first things I printed out on(and for) my AO-101 at the weekend.
Very good mod, thanks :smiley:


This was was a great add on. I didn’t have things dialed in right so there was some warpage with the print. If I had it to do over, I would learn enough Sketchup to widen the main part of the bolt holes to give more tolerance for printing variation. The bolt heads would not fit without reaming things out.

But I was able to get it work so it is all good. It is a lot quieter without the annoying frequency of the original fan.

I redesigned and hopefully improved on it.

Hope you like it. :wink:

Looks nice!