What's up with these noisy fans??!?!

Just got my TAZ 2 in the mail and it’s a beauty. But really, what’s up with these noisy fans? :stuck_out_tongue:

My last AO-101 fanmod http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:47321 was made by printing a new lid, but the control box on the TAZ was not really made for modding. So I soldered a 3W 100 ohm resistor to the fan lead instead. (1W would probably have been enough, but this was all I had)

The speed and airflow seems fine and the noise is gone.

For part 2 I will be trying to tune the stepper for more quite operation, has anyone tried this on the TAZ?

The only stepper noise reduction I’ve seen attempted is placing a layer of damping material between the NEMA motors and the frame, and adding vibration isolation feet to the unit.

While building my printrbot I managed to get the steppers almost silent by adjusting the voltage. I know that the Rambo board is using softpots, but I haven’t found much info on anyone adjusting them.

Adding bubble wrap feet is standard practice in my house. :wink: