Auto bed leveling with dual extruder v2

So I just got my new dual extruder v2 and having a hard time getting the bed level to the new tool head. So I was wondering, is there a way to setup the auto leveling of the TAZ mini to my TAZ 5? If someone has started something like this I have not easily found it in the forums, so please post a link to it in this thread. I am rather new to 3D printing, so being very detailed and through (with images or video if possible) will be a great help for me.

Thank you all for your time and effort!

I don’t have a dual extruder, but my impression was that the 2nd nozzle should be adjusted so that its level with the 1st nozzle. So in essence you will be adjusting the dual extruder to be level with the bed.

The way I read your post, is that you’re adjusting the bed to be level with the plane of the nozzles… its the other way around. Level the bed. Then establish the proper gap for the rear nozzle, use a folded piece of paper or a business card. Then move the 2nd nozzle to the same location as the rear and adjust the nozzle until the same business card can be slid through with some friction.

Here’s the calibration steps for the old dual extruder:

Adding the auto-leveling of the Mini won’t help if the nozzles aren’t at the same height.

Thank you for your reply kcchen. I did finally get everything leveled out (with some minor tweaks left to get it perfect yet). That does not change that I wanted to know about getting the auto level of the mini implemented on the modified Taz 5 with the v2 dual extruder.

As for the correct link of installing and calibration for the v2 is here: for anyone that may need it.

I think its possible to modify the TAZ 5 for the Mini’s auto-level process… I think its been discussed on the forums, but don’t have the link.

There’s also an active thread about using a touchless capacitance probe as the means to auto-level… which makes more sense to me. Nothing to my knowledge with the dual extruder… which would require a holder for the probe.