TAZ Pro Dual Extruder: Extruder 2 too low

The second extruder on my TAZ Pro DE goes significantly lower (~2.5mm) than my first extruder, causing the nozzle to crash into the bed. For context, I previously had to reassemble the tool head to replace the first extruder, as I had broken the thermistor wire of the first extruder.
So far, I’ve tried updating the firmware and re-leveling in software, to no avail. How can I get both extruders level? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried the nozzle offset calibration procedure? Go to Menu/Advanced/Nozzle Offset and click the button that says Measure Automatically. Oh, first take any filament out of the tool head and clean the nozzles really well.

You may find additional information from:

Open Hardware Assembly Instructions - TAZ Pro

It sounds simple, but be 100% certain the toolhead is properly sitting in the “shelf” where the lower part of the toolhead is supposed to rest on the frame. You can 100% install the top location faster and have the bottom out of place.