TAZ 5 Dual Extruder Nozzle Leveling

We recently purchased and installed a Dual Extruder Tool Head v3 for our TAZ 5. During the printing process, the secondary nozzle constantly drags across the print, which ends up failing before too far in the process. After doing some research I figured out its because the second nozzle E2 is closer to the build plate that the primary E1 we have been using. How do I raise a nozzle on this tool head? Everything I have seen says it should be within spec when it arrives but the extra 0.3 mm closer to the build plate is making a huge impact.


I’m sorry to hear that your hotends aren’t level! Here’s how to get that fixed up:

First turn off the printer and disconnect from power. Then remove the front fan.
Then using a 1.5MM allen, loosen the 2 set screws (vertical) that hold the shaft in the heat sink.
Then with a metric ruler, measure the the un-even nozzle to measure the same as the other nozzle (normally they are 2.1mm (hot end top to heat break).
Then tighten the set screws and install your fan and you are ready to print.

Step 3 of this guide show the hotends being installed during assembly of the toolhead that you can reference, it should help clear up any confusion with my terminology: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/dual-extruder-v3/hot-end-tool-head-assembly/

I’ve found that rotating the right lead screw can also raise the second nozzle. CW raises, and CCW will lower. Try an 1/8 of a turn at a time (which would be ~.25mm).

Just be careful not to put too many turns which can make skew the x-gantry and cause binding.