Auto Bed Leveling

Hello everyone,

First let me apologize, I know that a lot of people have asked about bed leveling and that there is quite a bit of stuff on the forums about it.

Does anyone know of a way that I could fairly easily (as easy as a mod can be I guess) add automatic bed leveling to my TAZ 5? It just takes me soooo long to get my bed good and leveled and inevitably I always have to end up leveling again after so many prints. I really would like to let the printer compensate on its own. What would I need? I see stuff about lasers, and capacitive sensors, etc etc. And once I figure out what I would like to use, how would I go about hooking it up? I really don’t wanna fry my printer’s brain.

Thanks for any help,


The easiest one to implement would probably be the Mini style leveling disks. There is a project out there In the forum somewhere to add an arm extension to wire up the disks, and then you just follow the mini build guide, but scale things up in the firmware.