HELP - Taz 1 Tramming Firmware


I’ve got a Taz 1 and I’ve been hoping to add a proximity sensor to auto level the bed. The only issue is the provided Taz firmware doesn’t include this code/function.

So what’s my best options? Has anyone done this? Should I take a newer Taz firmware and try to retrofit it? Should I take the stock reprap firmware and try to match the lulzbot firmware?

I have a general working knowledge of editing the firmware, but I’m not expert by any means.

Thanks in advance!

The Taz 1 isn’t the best candidate for automatic bed leveling. If you want to go that route, I would recommend rebuilding your printer to either Taz 3 or Taz 5 specifications before proceeding. You can get the metal pieces here:

The Taz 1 is most likely 12V, so you may also want to upgrade the bed and the power supply using the upgrade process here first: before you consider that.

Going with the Taz 4/5 style Z endstop means that you won’t have to re-level the machine hardly ever. The Taz 1 with the smaller endstop target located on the motion segment tends to move. A lot.

If you decide to upgrade your Taz 1 as is anyways, basically you need to find a proximity sensor mount that will work, Follow the instructions here: Make the changes to the firmware as directed, and then add the automatic bed leveling Gcode to your startup gcode section inside whichever slicer you use to make your print paths.

If upgrading your printer to 5 spec seems like it is too complicated, don’t attempt to install auto bed leveling.