Auto Home Failure on Taz 6

Just got a new head for the taz, a SE 0.5mm and now whenever I want to auto home the x and y axis work fine but the z doesn’t sense the head and just continues pushing down into the print bed. Not only this, but with the new extruder I am no longer able to adjust the axis on the LCD as my only option is to adjust extruder, which doesn’t work anyways. Any advice???

If you just got the new head from LulzBot, then it should still be under warranty. Call their support line.

If you obtained the new head from other sources, then make sure there is a sense wire connected to the nozzle, and test it with a multimeter for very close to zero ohms between the nozzle tip and the connector end.

Hopefully, you have a different tool head that does work. Make sure the sense wire on the new head is located on the same connector pin as the old one.

If you can connect to the printer over USB and can send it M119 commands, verify that the Z endstops are functioning as intended. You can manually position the nozzle over a corner washer and lower it until it touches and you should see a change in M119 output.