Z- Axis calibration off after bad print

I was printed something and the print went bad. Came into a print bed of noodle wire and the printer printing onto nothing. I thought it was a matter of bad plastic. Well I did a basic calibration this morning before the next print and I noticed the Z-Axis home point was about 1/4 inch too high. Nothing has change that would have caused this though so I am confused. How could that have happened? Everything is fixed in one location so I don’t know how this could have gotten this far off. I have a Lulzbot Taz 4 that I have upagraded to the Taz 5 Hex print head.
Not sure if you need anything else but I would appreciate any insight.

I ended up turning the knob to lower the print head to the bed. It worked but it looks like the knob has virtually no room to be screwed in further now. I have a new print going. Everything looks fine. Just not sure what happened.


Perhaps you could send in a few photos of the tool head and the printer so that the Z axis end stop is visible, to support@lulzbot.com
The support guys can take a look and see if something may be visible that may have caused the issue. It almost sounds like the end stop switch may have come loose or something else with the stop happened. Photos may provide the clue to helping you.
It’s worth a shot!