Auto Level Bed with Marlin Software for Taz 6

Hello all,

I am in a capstone group that has designed a dual filament mixing print head head for the Taz 6. We had to edit the marlin firmware, found , because the nozzle is in a different location. I am trying to edit the Auto Bed Level section in the Configuration.h file. I am using a LINEAR bed leveling with it leveling on the corners of the bed, two X and two Y positions. It goes to the first position, front-left, but never lowers the Z. Then moves to the next position, front-right, and lowers but the probe does not stop once it touches the metal disc.

Can anybody help with this?


(Attached to this post are the three .h files that I have edited of the Marlin firmware)
Configuration.h (64.8 KB)
Configuration_adv.h (63.4 KB)
Conditionals_post.h (37.9 KB)