Lulzbot Taz 6 Homing / Bed Level fail

I have a Lulzbot Taz 6 that i was given. I am a printing newbie and while I have scoured the internet for tips and tricks and such I’m stuck.

I have recently printed a bunch of stuff fine - But suddenly I am having issues with my bed even leveling. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips there are. I’m at a loss.

Please see the attached videos for what’s happening.

Video of the Z axis rod things

Still doing more research and looking around for a solution because I am painfully stubborn. I found this post and tried some of the stuff in it and have no idea how to digest the info I was given.

<<< [20:41:42] Probing mesh point 1/4.
<<< [20:41:55] Bed X: -8.00 Y: 293.00 Z: 0.28
<<< [20:41:55] Probing mesh point 2/4.
<<< [20:42:07] Bed X: -8.00 Y: -8.00 Z: 1.25
<<< [20:42:07] Probing mesh point 3/4.
<<< [20:42:20] Bed X: 288.00 Y: -8.00 Z: 2.57
<<< [20:42:20] Probing mesh point 4/4.
<<< [20:42:32] Bed X: 288.00 Y: 293.00 Z: 3.03

The z homing is pretty far off. Could be a few different things related to firmware settings. To rule those out, download the latest Cura LE and set up new profile for your printer. Flash a new copy of the firmware using a USB cable, and using the stock settings for start gcode try a new print. If it still happens, your bed might need to be moved/adjusted back into position.

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If the nozzle isn’t hitting the center of the Z limit button before probing, then it’s either the wrong printhead selected in the toolhead menu, or the bed is physically mounted in the wrong place.

For the last video where the gantry isn’t level - move the gantry down near the bed. Then disable the motors from the motion menu, then manually twist the threaded rods so that the distance between the bed and the steel rod is the same on the left and right sides. It’s easiest to get the height the same by placing a small object with a very flat base down on one side, then moving the gantry down so it barely touches. Move the object to the other side, and rotate the threaded rod on that side by hand until it barely touches. Move the object back to the first side, and rotate the threaded rod on that side by hand until it barely touches. Repeat this until you no longer have to adjust the rod to get the object to fit easily on both sides.

With that complete, the auto-leveling should handle the rest.

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