Auto level goes Z -0,09 and dies..

First time, first print.

And the printer dies by the kill-switch during auto leveling when the bed runs to position Z -0,09

What to do?

I´m going mad here…

Is the micro switch in the start of Z axis ment to kill the power when the bed hits it?
Mine do. But non of the other switches kills the power when pushed.


No, not that i know of. The minimum z-limit switch actually should do nothing. This suggest to me that the electrical people put that connector on the wrong two pins of the rambo board. When i was building my Mini from scratch i found that the two header pins just next to where the OHAI instructions show them on the miniRAMBO board actually correspond to the reset pins on the arduino/AVR chip circuit. In effect your switch is hitting the reset button everytime it hits that switch. Which obviously should not be happening.

If yours is indeed doing this i suspect you have a factory electrical issue that needs to be fixed. You should be under warranty, but you will need to contact Lulzbot support. You can reference this comment to them if you like.