Auto leveling issues

Hello all. I’m new somewhat new to the 3D printing world, and especially new to lulzbot. Today I picked up a lulzbot mini, and I tried to print the rocktopus. Upon starting the print, the autolevel would complete the first and second auto level discs, but it would not finish the 3rd and 4th. It gets close, and right before it hits it turns around, slows down, and wipes. It keeps doing this until it gives up and it tells me that I need to update the firmware, even though I’ve already done that. I’m a beginner, so please don’t leave out the obvious problems.

P.S ( After a few tries I forced it to print by putting coins on top of the 3rd and 4th to trick it into starting, and I figured out obviously the leveling is off.)


It is unclear from your post, but I will assume this is used older printer. If so, we are currently investigating some incompatibilities with certain older model printers and the newer FW released in Cura 2. For the meantime, I suggest you use Cura 1 ( instead and downgrade to the FW provided with that version (you can downgrade the FW in Cura 1 by selecting “Install default firmware…” from the Machine menu).

If you need further assistance, you can reply here, or reach out to our support line.

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– Marcio

If leveling succeeds on the left washers, but not on the right – it often means the X carriage is not parallel to the bed (higher on right). If the carriage is higher on the right, the head has to move downward further to touch the right-hand washers – and may exceed the distance that triggers a “rewipe” operation.

Check that the X-carriage rods are parallel to the bed. If they aren’t, turn the printer off and manually turn the right threaded rod until the rods are parallel to the bed. Then restart the printer and try another print.

Hey, btw, it is not old, I just bought it.

Thank you for your patience, this isn’t common. Which version of Cura LulzBot Edition are you using? Reach out to our support team, at for detailed help and troubleshooting. Include a link to this thread so they can have a bit more history. They’ll have you printing soon.

Ah, okay. My mistake. In that case, it should not be affected by the Cura 2 issues we had been seeing on some older generation printers. I second Orias’ suggestion about reaching out to support :slight_smile:

– Marcio