Auxilliary Power RAMBo and OctoPi

Hi All,

I have a TAZ5 and am running it through OctoPi (Raspberry Pi2). The only options i have seen for powering the Raspberry Pi directly from the RAMBo board involve connecting it to the “Aux Power Out Mosfet”.

There appears to be something already connected here in the TAZ5. It seems to related to the second power harness but cant identify exactly what. The 5V blower fan is the only thing i can think of, but neither of my second power harnesses have a connector for the 5V blower fan. Other points i have identified that might be able to provide 5V power are “PWMExt” (already used by ?Extruder0 5V blower), “Motor Ext”, “5V*” (cant figure out where this actually is), “SPI” and “I2C” though when i tried “Motor Ext” the fan wouldn’t run despite measuring 5V accross GND and VCC.

Can anyone tell me what is connected to “Aux Power Out Mosfet”?
Does anyone power OctoPi from the RAMBo board on a TAZ5 and if so from where/ How?

locations in double quotes refer to


Something needing 5V(probably the small blower fans power connections for the all metal hot ends - if you have them), is what is hooked up to the “Aux Power Out Mosfet” pins. The other pins on the opposite corner “Aux Power Out Motor” are the 24V pins for the extrusion fans.

I would have to pull up the build documents for the TAZ 5 to be completely sure though,