How much power at the 5v fan?

So, how much power is available at the 5v connector for the microscopic fan on the Hex?

I am working on a pencil sketch now that involves a larger fan for hex cooling. But, I don’t want to draw more current than should be available on the connector.

Also, does anyone have a hook up process for installing a hex on the 2nd wiring harness?

Ok, finally found some RAMBO documentation. Looks like the OHAI install instructions for the Taz4 show installing the fan wiring to the PWMEXT header. I can’t tell if its being plugged into pins 1-2 or 5-6. I am guessing its 1-2 which is ground and Vcc (5v). However the photo on the OHAI page doesn’t exactly match the phto/pdf I found in