Place to tap 24V Power

Where is the best place in the control box to tap in to the 24V power from the power supply?

I always hesitate to cram more wires in to the terminal blocks feeding power to the extruder/bed/etc and didn’t know if there were any other points around the RAMBo board or elsewhere that it might be safer/easier from which to pull. Its for a constant on nozzle fan.

Also while I’m at it. Is there a place on the RAMBo I can draw 5V power from? If so how much current can I use? I run my printer from OctoPrint on a Pi and would love to draw power from the control box if it was capable. If not I’ll throw a buck converter in there to convert off the 24V power.


You may find this useful:

There is a 5v output right next to the “Heat 0” ports which is not fused, and any of the unused “Heat 1”, “Fan 1” will output 24V with the use of the corresponding gcode commands, which can be found here: .