Available power on extruder?

Since upgrading to a 1.75mm hexagon nozzle, I’ve been having heat creep issues. The fins on the 1.75mm head have a larger surface area than the existing fan can handle, plus the more narrow filament = a few frustrating jams.

I’ve been looking up fan mods and want to get something going today. However, I don’t have ready access to any 5v fans of a decent size. (without waiting a few days for shipping, and damn the weekend for getting in the way, and I’d like to get it installed today if possible). Is there any extra power available on the standard extruder? I don’t want to use a single fan/dual duct system as I want this cooling fan on full tilt, unlike the fan that cools the print itself, that I tweak depending on what I’m printing, plus, I don’t want to take away from it’s flow.

Splicing another 12v into the same line would work (I can deal with a slower fan speed for the initial print, it wont be creeping that much then) but I’m concerned about current draw.

Are there any pins on the connector that supply 12v that can handle an extra fan? Worst case I may temporarily run the 12v fan on the 5v line and replace the existing small fan (I tested it, it starts at 5v) and just order a 5v version and swap it out.