Taz 5 Extruder Issue

Hi Guys,

I have a slightly modified Taz 5 (larger fan) that is having extruder issues.

The Problem: Hot end stops extruding mid print causing a failed print (Please see pictures) http://m.imgur.com/a/5qYfI

Picutured: Esun PLA+ printed at 220
Also Tried: Hatchbox PLA printed at 205 & 210. Argos PLA printed at 205.

Attempts to find a fix:

  1. Updated cooling fan from tiny centrifugal fan 5v to larger fan for hot end.
  2. Retuned PID controller for hot end adjusting K values.
  3. Removed .35mm nozzle and replaced with .5mm brand new nozzle.
  4. Printed at various retraction values starting at 1.5mm going down to 1mm.
  5. Triple checked distance between nozzle and print bed to eliminate back pressure.

After all of this I am still not able to complete a full print!! So frustrating.
I am going to try an switch out the thermocouple tonight to see if its a bad one but otherwise I think Im outta luck :frowning:

what voltage is the larger fan? specifically is it a 5v fan, or a 12v fan? the picture looks like PLA bore lock to me which would indicate inadequate barrel cooling of the hotend.

Thanks for writing back! Im at work right now so I cant check till this evening but that fan came specifically off this kit (I had it laying around).


Could you recommend an upgrade fan I could use? looks like the Taz 6 has a large one mounted to it. Thanks again

Hey piercet, your right its a 12v fan. :angry:

Think if I change out the fan for a 5v this issue will go away? :crosses fingers:

That should help. With a 12v fan on a 5v feed, full power is only going to give it a bit less than half throughput.