Bearing Holder Auto Level

I was wondering if someone could tell me the difference between the BearingHolder_Autolevel.stl and the Probe_1013_Bearing_Holder.stl? The files are located at

Do you not need the strengthened X Motor mount and strentghened X bearing mount with the BearingHolder_Autolevel.stl?

Heyo! The BearingHolder_Autolevel is a work in progress, we’re thinking of adding a detent to the bearing holder and a spring to the toggle mount to try and improve the acuracy of the switch position when it’s lowered.

I’d stick with 1013’s design for the time being, users have put a lot of hours on that thing and it works really quite well :slight_smile:

The strengthened x mounts will help, but aren’t necessary. Since the printhead is going up and down and taking precise measurements, you want to make sure there’s as little slop as possible, and these help.