X-Axis Openrail Auto Leveling

I’ve had auto leveling installed on my TAZ 5 since the stock steel rods and I lost it for a while when I made the switch the openrails mod. Just because I lost my mounting location (on the steel rods).
Anyways, long story short. I’ve decided to make a thread on auto leveling for the openrails x-axis mod.

We will still be using the instructions, or most of it from here for the micro switch method:
The original microswitch auto leveling thread
My thread on micro switch auto leveling
and/or here for the capacitive probe method:
capacitive probe

Piercet designed the Probe holder mount for the x rods here:
Looks like this:

And here is my design for the microswitch holder. A combination between 1013’s microswitch holder and Piercet’s probe holder.

Holder.stl (209 KB)
Activator.stl (3.62 MB)
I still have yet to work on the proper gcode coordinates for the probe holder.

Neat! let me know if the probe holder needs any changes to it

I had to drill a hole through the probe holder and insert a screw to keep the adjustment nuts from slipping.

It was the quickest way I could think to fix my problem :smiley: