TAZ 6 Loose Y-Axis Travel

I installed the new TAZ 6 IGUS Bearing (Part # RJMP-01-10) and TAZ 6 bearing holder (http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/6.0/production_parts/printed_parts/bearing_holder/) onto my TAZ 4 and the IGUS Bearing is wobbling around inside the bearing holder and the IGUS Bearing is slightly loose on the stock 10mm Y-rods:


All the parts are Lulzbot recommended so does anyone know why the Y-Axis bearing mechanism is so loose?

One of the bearing holders is the 12mm one for the x axis carriage. I’m guessing you printed the 12mm one.

The 12mm bearing holder folders are marked “12mm_single_bearing_holder/” and “12mm_double_bearing_holder/”. Here are the links to those:



I downloaded the bearing holders from the folder right below those called “bearing_holder/”. Here is the link to the folder I downloaded from:


I assume the folder I downloaded from called “bearing_holder” is for the 10mm rods and if that’s the case I’m still stumped as to why my IGUS bearings are moving around inside the bearing holders.

In that case, I dunno, do they look underextruded?

Hmmm, I thought I had everything dialed in. Re-checked esteps and they were off 1.7% (were 855 and s/b 870). Re-checking my extrusion multiplier now. By the way here’s a pic of the bearing holders (printed in two different colors) which I thought looked pretty good until I found out the bearings were loose:

I printed new Bearing Holders after boosting my Extrusion Multiplier from 0.90 to 0.95 in KISSlicer, reassembled everything and tried again. Now the IGUS Bearings are performing beautifully:


At Extrusion Multiplier 1.0 I am definitely over-extruding. It’s hard to say for sure if the extra 6.7% filament (new Esteps + Ext Multiplier) solved the problem or if I just didn’t have the IGUS bearings seated properly in the Holder. Either way I’m good to go now.

Thank you for your help!

You’re welcome!