Bed adhesion issue

This just started to happen, I am using polylite PLA. The photo shows the front right corner lifting, I have moved the print to different locations on the bed and the same thing happens, this corner continues to lift. Any ideas? I have printed serval times in the past with a similar pattern with perfect results.

Some ideas:

Did you change the way you slice it?
Is the bed getting warm enough, and have you changed the temperature?
Did you change at what layer the cooling fan turns on?

I’ve been having similar issues with ABS, which is more prone to stress due to thermal contraction as it cools. I’ve been addressing the issue by increasing the height at which I cool, cleaning the bed between every print, and sometimes redesigning for 3d printing to avoid very long extrusions on corners, which with abs causes what you’re showing. I also tried putting thin disks at corners, which worked, but I did not like having to clean up the print so much, so I took more herculean (time consuming) steps on the design side.

I’ve not had any issues with PLA though, so I am not sure how much of this will translate to your issue.

I believe I have fixed the issue, I did not notice that I had profile selected to high detail, witch I do not print this way. I selected back to standard and I rotated the object and it worked like it should.

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Good to hear. PLA should be good if the bed is warm enough. I usually print on the glass side of the bed and use MagiGoo print-bed adhesive … it holds better than PEI.

Do a leveling test, look into G26 etc. The beds on LulzBot printers tend to warp, some printers ship this way. I had to return the MINI2 for this reason - complete inability to print near the edges of the plate. I managed to fix it on my TAZ6 by getting a new aluminum plate that holds the glass, putting on a BLTough and wasting a week of my life configuring everything just right.