taz5 print

Hi just got my taz5 ,first print ok only using pla and all test prints are lifting at the corners , i went over the bed checked and rechecked and still lifting .I noticed that the pla have grab marks on it and some time the pla does not come out ,I have read lots of topics on the fourm and have tried some .
Any help wil be great.(temp 201 bed 70)

For the parts corners lifting, try adding a “brim” feature.
Are you reasonably sure your z-height is adjusted properly?
What’s your first layer setting?

Your other issue sounds like you need to adjust the thumb screws on the extruder where you feed the filament into the herringbone gears area. (I assume the Taz5 has the same type screws as the Taz4 regarding that part of the assembly)
Or, your temperature needs to be adjusted higher, or your print speed is too fast, or a combination of all those.

What software are you using for slicing and printing? Slic3r? Cura? Pronterface?
Are you using a Lulzbot profile for PLA?

Hi thanks for the reply, my temp is set for pla 210/70 bed, and i am using Cura 15.2 i have no adjusted the screw as yet that some thing i will be checking today, i will let you know how i made out.

Hi guys did some adjusting this week end , found that the filement was not fitting into the hot end fixed that, printed a small test square great, but lifting at one corner, double checked the bed level did another test square great lifting at one end. after doing more checking and cal. now the filement is getting stuck in the nozze land the filement is beening grinded
ajusted all afternoon still not flowing, just bubbling out the filement flows out for 10mm and then stops i been reading that this has been a great problem with PLA need a little help. iam going to try the fan mod after trying to get the hot end
to run smooth. any suggestion

Try dipping the tip of the filament in olive oil, then feeding through nozzle. The oil lubricates the hotend allowing better feeding of the PLA. Also make sure the heatsink fan is on… should be on anytime the printer is on. To help with cooling the heatsinks, point the blower down at the lower fins.

For the print lifting. Clean the PEI with isopropyl alcohol. Lower the end stop, by quarter to eight of a turn. Use a brim as suggested above. Make sure the bed is level.

Is it the same corner lifting?

I found that with PLA prints when you have higher bed temps it can cause the PLA to get too soft. Try printing with a bed temp of 50-55 degrees. I just switched from ABS to PLA and I find this to work.

Hi Guys . i have it all week end used my dial indicator leveled the bed and homed in my z cleaned out my hot end and started printed hot end clean run out smooth the pla lifts on one end ,di a print using abs and that came out great even layers even with the pla the flow was great just that the end lifts i used a raft that went down great but the test square lifted off the raft, any suggestions .

Try adding -.1 offset for the Z-axis in your slicer. This will lower the nozzle by .1 past the mechanical z-endstop. Should help with overall adhesion.

Try cleaning the PEI bed with isopropyl alcohol also… a light sanding with fine grit sanding paper will further help adhesion.

hi thanks for the reply, i did drop the z and the print was great i did clean the bed but did not clean on mthis print i will try again and do a sand, i tryed abs and thats no problem great print , i did notic that on one print that the filament on some layers did not stick but the other went down great.

To help layer adhesion with ABS, try increasing the extrusion temps a few degrees and minimize cooling. The reasoning behind this is molten plastic will adhere more readily to previous layers, so higher temps and less cooling will keep molten more.

Glad to hear you’re sorting things out. This is unfortunately something you’ll need to learn about your print environment and machine. But we’re here to give this.

Hi thanks for the info abs prints well first layers and about mid way through the bound to layers but it does not bond
Next to pla it goes down great but the corner does not bond it lifts I tried raft and that bonds great but the test square did not bond to the raft the flow of filament layers are going down great
My other printer prints great no problems
Any suggestions

Try the bed calibration print from the SD card. I like to check how difficult it is to remove with a fingernail. If certain parts are easier than others, the bed could be lower in that quadrant… Regardless, you want a pretty consistent difficulty of removing the pattern… Adjust z-endstop accordingly.

I haven’t tried PLA on the TAZ, but I’d probably try a lower nozzle height than ABS.

TAZ prints great when after you learn the nuances… :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply i have one error with abs is that the top layers do not bond it flows great . i am still having trouble with pla still lifting on one corner but the flow out of the hot end is even. on the pla i tried a raft but the test square still lifted the raft stuck to the bed.
Any suggestions.thanks

For the ABS problem, I’d increase extrusion temps a few degrees higher. With esun abs, I like to stay between 245 and 240… though it melts pretty readily at 220. Also decrease fan… For me I start the fan at layer 10 and only 30%… At layer 50 I bump the fan to 40% til the end of the project.

PLA is reported to stick pretty well to PEI. Clean the bed with alcohol, maybe a light sanding. I’d also try getting the nozzle closer to the bed. If the current nozzle height worka well with ABS, use the z-offset… Negative .2-.4 should help.

Rotating the part may help with air flow (from the moving bed). Sometimes a 45-90deg change in orientation helps.

Use a brim… Rafts have always lifted on my two printer (both of which have moving beds). Rafts will help create a flat bottom… if the bed isn’t flat.

That’s just how I’d approach it… Maybe other have input also.

I was having problems with PLA parts detaching from the bed of my Mini. Lulzbot support recommended a buff or polish with isopropyl alcohol and a terrycloth rag. I buff it vigorously between each print and have no problems now.

Hi guys did a print after work with abs something small came out great dropped the nozzle a bit completed work a one I have not trie d pla this week end I have been cleaning the bed ,no problem with abs I will keep you posted

Hi guys thanks for all the replys, the abs has been going down great i did some three hour prints geeat finshes but i have one trouble area once the height gets over 10mm or more it does not bond it comes appart i up the temp by 5deg and a little better this was on one 6hour print the whole print was great up until it started going over the said height. any coments

If you print at higher speeds, you need higher temperature, for layer bonding. Slow down print or increase the temperature (within recommended parameters ofc)

Incidentally does your printer have an enclosure?

Hi thankks for the reply, the adhesion is great with abs but the layers over 10mm stop bonding i am going to rase the nozzel up .01 and increase the flow i think the first layer is going down to thin. \Try tonight

Hi Guys did a 5 hour print last night rasied the nozzel ,great print flow even bonding to the bed great, dropped the temp of the bed to 85 and hotend at 253 but to the end of the print the top layers did not bond speed at 50 .
any suggestions