Bed leveling AO 101

As far as i can tell i am within .16 of a mm. Is this close enough? I hope so i can’t seem to get it any closer than that and was just dumb luck to get this. thanks!

That should be fine to start with. The main leveling screw of the AO-100 is prone to drift over time anyways (heat from the bed, vibration and impact tend to cause the crew to back up towards the top due to spring pressure over time) and a tiny tiny bit of white glue or blue loctite to make that bolt turn slower is worth doing. The plastic will tend to fill any unevenness, and can compensate to a certain degree. Over time you will get better ad judging the plastic bead from the extrusion by eye. It’s kind of like judging wood glue thickness, You know too much when you see it before you even clamp things after a while.

The 8mm rods the AO-101 uses for X and Y do tend to flex a bit, so you will have an apperent height difference in the middle of the bed compared to the edge of the bed, especially if measured using a heavy dial gauge. It usually presents as a “hump” in the middle of the bed with a “dip” at the outer edges. Whats actually happening is the weight of the extruder at the center span is drooping closer to the bed than the downward deflection of the bed due to gravity at that point, because the bed has a wider contact pattern further towards the edge of the rods.

if you run the bed calibration piece, it sticks to all 4 corners, and when measured with calipers after you scrape it off the bed, all 4 corners are about the same thickness when measured with digital calipers, you are all set.