The heater (bed) is not horizontal

Dear all,
My company just has AO-101. I am trying to use it.
I just recognize that the bed (or heater) is not on horizontal plane:
When the nozzle is at -X position, it touches the glass, but it is at +X position, it has around 5mm gap from the glass.
Could you help me how to fix it?


If you search the AO-100 downloads you will find a bed leveling print. Then follow this video to level the bed. This is something you will have to do every so often to ensure consistent results. I myself now use a dial indicator with a custom mount to adjust the runout in my bed.

Thanks for the video link. I think I may have come up with a new tag line for Lulzbot from this video. “It just prints.”

Do you have your mount for the dial indicator publicly available? I was talking about this with my Dad (he has a few dial indicators) earlier in the week and was contemplating figuring out a way to mount one.

I have found the test pattern to be pretty effective to do by eye. Plus, the AO-101 is simply a very solid platform that does not seem to need much re-calibration.

any update on the dial indicator mount for the ao-101?

There are a ton of dial indicator mounts available on Thingiverse: You’ll want to find one that fits your indicator.