Bed Leveling Does Not Work

Hi, for some reason I cannot get my stock Sidekick 747 to auto level itself via the G29 command. No matter what I do, despite how many times I run the G29 routine, the first layer is very bad with parts of the first layer way too high off the build plate and parts that are way to squished making that characteristic rippled pattern.

I also tried using different parameters for G29 based off of the official Marlin documentation but it seems the printer just ignores the extra parameters? Did Lulzbot modify the version of Marlin to ignore G29 parameters?

Additional info that hopefully helps:
The start gcode for prints are unmodified start gcode provided by CuraLE.

M48 probe repeatability test gives a standard deviation of 0.003868 so that that seems normal?

I talked with customer service and they had me just reflash the printer, I thought that fixed it but it seems that was just a fluke, but the printer should at least have the latest firmware.

The printer seems to be in good condition with everything that needs to be tight down being secure.

The magnetic flex plate is definitely not flat but not so much that UBL can’t compensate for it.

Here’s what I got from the Bed Mesh Visualizer on Octoprint.

I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. If I left out some important info please let me know, I would really like to have this issue resolved before the spring semester starts and I become too busy, so any help is welcome! Thanks in advanced!

It looks like your gantry isn’t parallel to the bed at all, or the glass plate isn’t seated properly on the Y axis.

I’d verify the calibration with the OHAI pages to see where it’s off: OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions

Try G34 to autolevel your x gantry.

I’ve already tried that and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to change anything.

I’ve looked through the documentation and I noticed that 3 of the X-axis rollers spin freely without moving the carriage… That’s concerning. I didn’t find anything in said documentation about what I should do about that? Unless I’m dumb and I missed it.

I’m stuck on step 5 on installing the Y-axis, I don’t have the jigs and I don’t know where I would find them they don’t seem to be in this STL parts repository unless, again, I’m dumb and missed it.

I suspect this is where the issue may be, this printer has been moved around a lot and I wouldn’t be surprised if things got bumped around. While at it I tuned the belts to the key of C as instructed by a video customer service sent me awhile back as I don’t have a Ultrasonic Belt Tensioner, but other than the loose roller wheels and missing jigs there’s nothing note worthy.

I have the magnetic build plate so I’m assuming I should ignore the comment about the glass build plate? The build plate seems to be properly seated anyways so I don’t think that’s the problem.

I’d drop the Support folks an email. You might get some swifter replies specific to that machine.