How Do I Force A Bed Auto-Level Routine To Run?

New Lulzbot Taz Pro; Marlin, CURA 3.6.23. What is the most expedient way to force printer to do an Autolevel routine? Printer is 4-weeks old, starting to fail auto-level sequence. I need to observe it for awhile to, maybe, figure it out. Today I see the filament beads are normal dimensions to the front of the bed, but thin down almost to nothing toward the back of the bed. Indicating, to me anyway, the bed is tilted up toward the back. Hoping if I can force bed leveling routines to run, I can eventually figure out what the problem is.

G29 is the marlin gcode command to run bed tilt calibration. This won’t wipe the hotend or heat the bed or hotend, just auto-level. Best to set the temps you want and then run.

This thread really helped me dial-in my taz leveling.