Bed Leveling Issue

High school teacher with 4 Minis and a Taz 6. After working great for years, one of my Mini’s out of nowhere started having a problem where it only touches the back two washers during the leveling process. It does complete the leveling process and begins printing in midair. I have read quite a few posts about this and tried all fixes to no avail. I feel pretty confident that it is not a bad Rambo board as when sending an M119 to the console shows that all the statuses all read open (as per the instructions in the 3rd post in this thread )

I understand that it is probably a short somewhere but what doesn’t make sense is why it touches the back 2 washers but not the front two. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Reach out to the support team at Install the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition from and update the firmware using the instructions found here under Preferred Firmware Install Method

Took your advice and reached out to Lulzbot. After looking at a video I sent they said it was a result of bad/damaged wires in the bed cable. Have already fixed one wire in that cable so I’m not surprised. Just wanted to post the solution in case others have this problem.