Broke bed corner/clip during first bed level attempt?

Howdy all. Noob here. Got my TAZ 4 a couple days ago, and tried the bed leveling procedure (haven’t printed yet) and I think when tightening the clip on the front right side of the bed, during the bed level, I may have broken the clip (it won’t raise or lower and it’s not firm like the other three, and the top part just pulls right off) and perhaps I broke the bed too with chipped glass in the corner. I’m guessing I did this from tightening the screw too much in this corner. So just a couple questions.

First, could I just re-calibrate the Z stop to work with this corner of the bed I can’t raise or lower, and then raise and lower the other three corners to compensate?

Second, if I did that, would it be a problem heating the bed with the cracked glass?

Thanks for any help offered. Was really hoping to print with this bad boy this weekend, but seems I messed it up right off the bat. Pics attached. (5.81 MB)

As a follow up, in case anybody reads this, the glass was just chipped and barely and I was able to level the bed just using the other three corners. I have printed about four things, one thing successfully, and the bed level seems okay.

Were you able to get the brass heat set insert installed again into the corner piece?