Taz 6 auto-leveling ends up too close to buildplate

We’ve had this printer working ~8 hours a day for a month and this is a new issue. After auto-leveling the extruder ends up being too close to the buildplate, not leaving even enough room for any filament to come out on the first layers and then smearing progressive layers once it does lay down filament.

I’ve tried cleaning all the leveling washers with rubbing alcohol, replacing the felt wipe pad and cleaning the nozzle until it almost shines but still no luck. Is there a Cura setting I’m missing?

Have you tried raising the Z-Offset in the Configuration menu on the LCD?

I have the exact same issue. Any luck figuring it out? Out of the blue I am experiencing leveling issues as well. I have heard a weird grinding noise once or twice. Today, it was going through the nozzle cleaning about 100mm above the scrub pad? I turned it off and on, reset to factory settings and it cleaned and started ok, but the print is definitely to close to the bed? Help??

OK, so I reset to factory setting, (I hadn’t changed them but figured what the heck), I re-inserted filament, flipped the cleaning pad, made sure the leveling pads were tight (they were) and hit print, and it works…