Bed Springs for TAZ 2.0?

Does anyone know where to get the bed springs for the TAZ 2.0?

Thanks, Ross

It should be on the bom. Probably from McMaster or Associated Spring ( ).

Thanks for the info! Since I only need about 4-8 of these springs, it doesn’t make sense to buy them at Associated Springs due to the price break :frowning:

Any chance that Lulzbot will offer them on their webstore for under $1 each?
ScreenHunter_42 Feb. 20 06.40.jpg

Ouch. Ya, we buy them by the thousands. I’ll see about getting them in the store, but it will be awhile. There may be other vendors.



Could be until Spring!

Technically, these are under $1.00 ea. Not sure what you would do with 16 of them, but there you go

Thanks for the help! The Ebay springs aren’t a direct replacement for the bed leveling springs that are on the printer now. I was going to add another spring under each corner to add additional stiffness to the bed. I’ll check around at the local hardware stores.


Did you ever find a acceptable substitute?

I’m almost finished my own Taz, but haven’t managed to source this spring.

We just purchased a Taz 4.0 at work. I see these need to be pretty stiff to do the bed leveling properly.

if you have one locally, ace hardware sells individual springs in various sizes

When I built my TAZ I bought my springs from Misumi. The part number for the springs is WMH6-10.

Hey, those look great! I forgot that Misumi sold springs. I’ve been ordering stuff from them and they are really helpful and the shipping is reasonable. They are turning into my “McMaster-Carr” alternative.

Thanks for the tip!