Taz Springs, Brass Nuts, M5 Inserts

If anyone is building a TAZ and is running into the issue of minimum orders for the items in the subject line then I can help you.

I’ll pass on my extra parts to you if you give me proof that you are building a taz.

I’m not trying to sell these to make money i’m just trying to help other people out.

$1.21 for 4 M5 inserts
$1.96 for 2 Springs: 6mm OD, 0.8mm WD, 9.7mm FL (Extruder)
$1.21 for 1 Spring: 4.6mm OD, 0.5mm WD, 19mm (Z Stop Spring)
$2.47 for 2 Springs: Zinc-Pltd Music Wire, 1.00" L,.420" OD,.047" Wire (Z Springs)
$0.56 for 4 M6 Brass Nuts
Call it $10 with shipping?

This can take over $50 off of your build cost.

This is in support of OSHW and b/c i have no use for these xtra parts.

PM me.