Bed corners broken


I need to buy bed corners, bed fingers, springs, washers and screws. In other words, I need bed corners kit. I can’t print them because I can’t level my bed. My bed corners are broken.

I was able to find bed corners here

But I don’t have the fingers, springs, washers and screws… :neutral_face:

Can anyone help me?


E-mail it works directly, they will almost certainly be able to make you a kit with the other parts. The other hardware can be sourced locally or online using the Taz bill of materials file from it is an ods file, which Microsoft Excel can open.

You basically need some m3 bolts and washers, small Springs that will fit an m3 bolt, anything that says bed Springs online should work fine. You can make the bed hold down plates out of aluminum with a set of sheers and a drill.

A bit off topic here but hs anyone thought about changin the springs to one with a higher rate and using longer bolts into locking nuts to prevent them rotating under vibration? Would it work to keep your bed level for longer?

I find that the corner bolts don’t tend to move much if at all. I usually put a bit of blue loctite down there anyways just to stiffen them up a bit. Going with a flexible fixed dimension washer is another good option as well.