Print bed won't heat up

My Lulzobt Mini was working fine, but all of a sudden, the heated print bed won’t heat up. I am not super savvy with 3D printers so I am not sure what is going on. The hot end heats up just fine, I don’t see any cables lose or disconnected, and I tried restarting everything with no luck. Any suggestions? :frowning:

One possible cause is that one of the print bed wires underneath broke from bending too much. One can use a multimeter to do a continuity check of the wires. another is that one of the wires came out of the connector inside the electronics control box.

If you are under warranty it’s not a bad idea to ask support what you should do. Either they will give you some tips and green light some suggestions so you do not void your warranty, and worse case they may tell you to send it back and they will just give you a new machine.