Bed Temp not reading properly

Over the last week I have been having all of my ABS prints warping and cracking and peeling off the platform. At first I thought my bed level was off, but I was wrong. It is perfect. I finally just put my hand on the platform during printing and realized it wasn’t that hot. I had it set at 105, which should burn my hand if left for more than a couple seconds. I was able to leave my hand on the platform indefinitely. It was uncomfortably hot but did not burn me. It seems to be about 30-40 degrees off. It is heating but not properly. The LCD screen shows 105 but it’s not close. Any ideas on what the issue is?

Does the bed seem to be that cool over the entire surface or just in spots? Please send in an email to with the following information:

  • Order number

  • 3D printer serial number

  • Contact information

  • Shipping information


I finally got a chance to check that bed surface. It seems to be consistently cool over the entire platform. I can send you the info you requested. Where do you want me to send it. In regards to the issue; any ideas on what the problem is. I checked the connections on the heater and mother board end and both seem fine. I guess it could be the heater itself, but I’m really hopeful that is not the situation. I have already replaced that a few times. (not because it failed, but because the glass broke)

Send in an email to If you’ve transferred the heater to several different beds that flexing may have damaged it. It’s hard to say without knowing more.

I finally grabbed one of my old cracked beds with the heater still attached and just slid that under my new 3/16ths tempered glass bed. I had to add some spacers to make it work, but after a couple bucks at the hardware store all was good. I heated up the bed (had to add 10 degrees to the platform to account for the extra thickness) and the bed heated up perfectly. So apparently the heater I had became damaged some how and quit working. not really sure if it was something I did or not, but at least it’s working again.