Beefy Idler Heat set insert edition

You know the little nut that spins inside idlers, destroying them? I hate that nut. Here’s an idler that uses a heat set insert instead. This time it’s the Beefy Idler.

Of all the printer mods I’ve ever done, thats the one that I have no idea why it isn’t on the stock design. Seriously hate that idler nut!!!
Lulzbot_beefy_extruder_idler_v0.4_Heat_Set_Edition.stl (205 KB)

Does this version of the idler arm fit a Taz 5 extruder body? I was weary to print the new style when i rebuild my tool-head as I’ve heard it didn’t fit. Specifically with it fit your / my reinforced extruder body?

It should fit, the spacing is the same. I’ll print one and confirm it does. I do know that the idler latch that goes with it is different, and I think it’s set up to use different sized (and possibly different length) idler bolts but should work fine with the stock Taz 5 ones though (M4 vs M5 or something like that)

Doesn’t it use a smaller diameter bearing?

The moarstruder BOM looks like it still uses a 608-2RS. I’ll confirm when i print it.

Project X-ray in the development folder looks intriguing - Flexistruder V3. Looks like the adjustment knob may be coming back.

So I ran into a slight issue with this heat set idler yesterday. With the heat set being at the front of the idler, it requires you to have a fully threaded M3 screw. Or insert the screw in from the back. The rear insertion would not be an issue if a hole was modeled in the carriage, much like the existing hole for access to the stepper mounting screw, of if this idler was installed before the extruder was mounted to the carriage.

Long story short, I flipped the heat insert to the other side of the idler. Just be careful now, because the idler will now clamp down on the extruder mount and not swing freely when you snug the bolt down.
Lulzbot beefy extruder V0.4 Heat set oppsite side.stl (206 KB)

Did anyone confirm a fit with Taz 5 stock extruder body? Mine is broken but still printing… I’ll print this one if it should work.

Oh, and are these parts specifically designed for ABS (typical shrinkage)? I have some PETG and colorfabb HT that I could use instead of ABS.

It does fit, but you need a fully threaded idler bolt, not all Taz’s came with one.