Heat Set variant Lulzbot Idler.

I really like the greg/wade style extruders overall, and the lulzbot variant is the best one out there of that type. That being said, I hate, loath and otherwise utterly dispise the stupid idler arm itself for one reason. Every time I need to remove the damned thing, the stupid internal M3 nut spins inside and strips it out. Literally every time. I’ve killed more idler latches over my 3d printing time just by doing that simple operation. So, after i broke my 10 billionth idler latch today, I decided to fix it. All that stupid nut does is hold the M3 bolt in place. Why not replace it with a heat set insert? It will actually strengthen the part at that point, and it won’t strip inside!

So here it is

This is based off the latest 1.4c lulzbot variant, licensing is Creative Commons Open Source Attribution as usual. Please feel free to use this part in any manner you see fit. If I can save one person from the agony of a stripped idler arm nut socket, then it will all be worth it.

Instructions: insert one M3 heat set insert into the hole in the side of the idler. Then install it using the stock mounting hardware and bearing insert thingy in the stock locations.
extruder_idler_block_v1.4c_Heat_Set_insert_edition.stl (108 KB)

Question: If you install the bolt as normal there is no thread on the non-threaded part of the bolt that would be in the heat insert. Or is the bolt inserted from the opposite side of the idler?

Hmm. Most of mine have threads the whole way up. I have no idea if they are the origional bolt at this point or not though.

Loading it from the other side would hit the gear. You may need to replace the bolt if it doesn’t have threads all the way up. M3 25mm fully threaded Cap head bolt. This one should work http://www.ebay.com/itm/M3-x-25mm-0-5mm-Socket-Head-Cap-Screw-Bolt-A2-18-8-Stainless-Steel-/222114435446?var=&hash=item33b70d5176:m:mwX32Ygq34henSJlMTCHGmQ

edit: or this one:

This is great. I have had the same problem.

The stock bolts on my machines are fully threaded.