Benchy results. Looking for critique

Please see images.

Printed @ .22
ABS (Hatchbox)
Default Slic3r config. for Medium quality

Wondering why my poop deck looks like poop. :wink: And roof too.

Too hot, not enough cooling from fan, over extruded, z offset / too close to bed

Hatchbox ABS is really hit or miss. I have read that people have gotten rolls of contaminated ABS that had other material in it like PLA. I had a roll of black ABS from them and it was really bad. Tons of moisture and it wasn’t printing like other ABS I have had so I sent it back. Just be aware of that.

Thanks for the feedback. I seem to have had quite a bit of “popping” sounds at the beginning of the roll. I think it was air, not moisture. But more importantly, it prints cool. The label says 210-240! I’ve been printing at 225, but haven’t experimented with how low I can go.

It’s otherwise been ok lately and my second benchy, which I have not posted yet, was pretty tight. I had to redo my esteps and reduce temp.

So here are the pics from the second round. As stated, adjusted esteps and temps, Piercet Z-wobble mod moocho. better ; ) …