My first benchy

As the name describes; my first benchy. trying to characterize how well my printer performs. I’d appreciate if someone can help me interpret the print

Benchy is not bad. What type of filament?

The legible lettering on the bottom shows that the printer is correctly setting the initial nozzle height through the autolevel process.

Not sure what the line is along the bottom… looks like an artifact from the print bed.

Try decreasing the flow-rate or multipllier by 5% to reduce the banding and ghosting on the hull.

Check that the fan is cooling the filament for overhangs… possibly decrease extrusion temp by 2-5 degrees. Stay within the extrusion temp range specified by the filament manufacturer.

Don’t know what else to characterize about the benchy. Do you have a particular question about the results of the print?

This was gizmo dorks abs on my taz 4. I was using Cura le 3.6.20, with the standard profile for chroma strand abs. I wasn’t sure what that slight un-evenness in the layers of the hull were from, or how to mitigate the start-stop points. I could probably use a temp tower. Not sure if the drooping under the edge of the roof is, nozzle too hot, speed to fast, or fan too slow (50% for this profile). Also not sure on the port-side doorframe of the wheelhouse the filament seems to have skipped making the Frame edge and made a straight line in some places. And on top of the box behind the wheel house, there is thinning on the top edges. The line across the bottom was a rapid move the nozzle made that made a single string across.

ABS doesn’t like cooling, but its necessary for overhangs. Tweaking the extrusion temp a little (lower) could also help the overhang sections to stay in place. Try bumping the fan to 8-10% for overhangs.

You could try slowing the print down to help with more detail in the finer areas. In general, ABS won’t produce as crisp an edge as PLA.