Best Bed replacement for Lulzbot Taz Pro

Hello Support, TAZ Replacement Bed

I would like to replace the bed for the Lulzbot Taz Pro. I don’t have a good understanding of the different types of bed for specific materials, bed vs heating pad, or PEI sheets. The clear coating on the original bed that came with the printer is now peeling. Could you please let me know how should I go about replacing the top layer clear sheet or possibly the entire bed.

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Victor Starr Kramer

You can just replace the PEI sheet, it’s pretty cheap: LulzBot TAZ PEI Sheet | 3D Printing Surface

You can find cheaper PEI sheets elsewhere, but they may not have the 3M adhesive backing. If 2-3 hours spent removing the old PEI, scraping and scrubbing away to clean the smelly, gooey adhesive off, and testing your skill at applying the new PEI on nice and smooth, isn’t worth $30 to you, just drop get a new glass with PEI already put on: LulzBot TAZ Glass/PEI Print Surface | Borosilicate Glass PEI Print Bed | LulzBot

However, I recommend you take this time to upgrade to the octograb. Since the Pros have a modular bed anyway, it’s as simple as dropping $150 on the TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex Bed v2 | LulzBot. Yes, it’s twice the price of a new glass and PEI surface, and thrice the price of a new PEI sheet, but it’s fantastic (flatter than the glass, and easy to remove parts due to flexible build plate), and if the PEI surface on it wears out (which is less likely since you’re flexing it instead of scraping it) replacing it is as simple as swapping out for a new Spare TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex Sheet (

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If you do decide to replace the PEI sheet a good tip is to put it in a freezer for a while. It peels off much easier when frozen.

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The steel flex plate bed upgrade is the best thing you can do for your printer, a real game changer. Parts just pop off so no attacking it with a scraper which also means it doesn’t get bumped out of alignment. The Lulzbot one is top quality but there are several other options at half the price. Mine’s a Wham Bam. Easy to install and works great

The octograb is definitely top quality. Heck, the machined aluminum plate for the bed is probably the real game changer. I cranked out 3 dozen 10" x 10" plates for a topographic map with two machines with the octograb. The bottom of each one looks completely uniform from corner to corner. Those plates are FLAT.