Put a nick in the bed material


First time poster and brand new user of the TAZ6 or any 3D printer. I received this incredible machine as a retirement gift from the company I worked for.

Last night while trying to remove an object from the bed I put a nick in the bed’s surface material. :blush:

Can this material be replaced or if not, what am I looking at in order to replace the bed?

Please be gentle.


A small nick or mark is usually not a problem – you can usually print right over it without any noticeable flaws on the bottom of the part you’ve printed. From experience :smiley: , even a large gash can be tolerated (whilst one is waiting for a new PEI sheet to arrive) – as long as you can shift the part around in Cura so that it avoids the defect. I’ve done this process a few times now, the sheet is considered a “consumable” and I’ve learned it’s wise to have one on-hand at all times…

Here’s a link to a replacement PEI sheet in the Lulzbot store:


And here’s the procedure for replacing the PEI sheet on the Lulzbot Mini. Not sure there’s an equivalent for the TAZ, but it’s the same with the possible exception of the process for unplugging the connectors for the heater.
Also, if you TAZ is really, really new, I think it’s possible that it has the new modular bed – in which case, the heater and the aluminum plate to which it’s attached stays, and all you have to do is lift the glass off once you’ve removed the four bed screws.



Thanks so much for the reply. I was understating a little when using the word “nick.” I actually put a reasonable size gash in it. Have moved items away from it on the bed and have now placed my order for the replacement material. Glad to know it happens. Thanks to you once again for the help.


Removing the PEI material is a bit of a hassle. I found the freeze method to be pretty painless, all things considered. Stick the bed in the freezer for about 30 min, it makes the adhesive brittle and easier to peel off. Then you get to spend the next 30 min. with a Spackle knife and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol scraping the rest of the glue off the glass.

Be patient and make sure it is 100% clean before putting the new sheet on. Align carefully, and spread on like you would put a screen protector on your phone.

I made a step by step video on how to change the PEI surface for the Lulzbot mini, but the same steps apply for the Taz. Hope it helps if you need it!



I nicked a chunk out of the PEI on my first Taz 6. I just filled the hole with Elmer’s glue, a little bit at a time because it shrinks as it sets, until it was above the surface plane, then scraped it down level to the surface with the part removal tool.